Percussion Gear, Instrumenten

cropped-cropped-026-img_7498_jt1.jpgOnder percussie wordt meestal verstaan kleinere slagwerkinstrumenten en een aantal instrumenten uit de niet-westerse muziek, zoals claves, conga, bongo en djembé. Percussie wordt ook vaak in een orkest gebruikt, zoals woodblock, beatring en koebel.

Percussion Gear:

Specialy Brand: Latin Percussion, leading number one of Latin Percussion in the World, LP, Conga’s Patato, Classic Model

Bongo, Supercussion and Latin Percussion

Timbale, Latin Percussion Limited edition, “Maestro”Tito Puente

Small Percussions: Latin Percussion, Meinl, Remo

Remo,Remo Skin, Fiber

Drum, SPD, Alesis


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor barchimes gold LP
Special Effects, Latin percussion
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor timbales tito puente
Timbale with cowbell, Latin percussion

Bongo, series Santana Latinpercussion

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor SPD 8

Roland Drumpad, SPD 8 electronic equipment

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Alesis drum pad
Alesis percussionpad
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Cajon stagg
Cajon, Stagg
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bongo cajon
Bongo Cajon, Meinl


Reagroove percussion

Reagroove grew up with the sounds of Mother finest, Koinonia, steps a head, Spyra Gyra, Massada many many kind of Jazz-rock also funk and latin salsa soul.pop.rock a wide genre for an all round percussionist, born and raised in and out Rotterdam Allround percussionist of Moluccan descent, started pans and lids from mother kitchen utensils, from an early age
Has many stages and podiums stood at home and abroad, an all-round percussionist who has earned, in the music its added value.

I have a passion for all kinds of styles of music
Adapt each time to the music with whom and for whom you play and acting, played on the radio and various studio work done, With lesser-known, but also with well-known musicians and artists played, Inspirations came from various music bands and various percussionists. I play the groove on, djembe, conga, bongo, timbales, cajon and many many more small percussion, My Gear nr 1 leader Latin Percussion, Martin Cohen@’90, Remo, Stagg, Sabian, Meinl, Afro, Zildjian
Allround percussion,Equipment gear,setup:Latinpercussion, Remo, Roland, Alesis, Victory, Pearl/ Conga’s, Bongo’s, Timbales, Cowbells, Djembe, and many many more percussions gear, also Tifa/Tiha drums from de Moluccan/ Molu Uku Islands, Ambon-Indonesian

Dunya Festival Rotterdam, Paradiso Amsterdam, Kasteel Sparta Rotterdam, Bulldog Amsterdam, Café Spiegel Rotterdam, Villa Thalia, Club Bermuda Eindhoven, Club NYXX Amsterdam, Club Ekko Utrecht

Oostenrijk(Bodensee), Jakarta(Indonesia), Spain(Fuengirola) region Champagne(Frankrijk)






Dj Show|Events

Started at the Scheveningen beach with 
DJ Laurenzo(Rotterdam), zwarte pad in 2005/2006 Also Thnks to Mr. Anouar for many
 gigs, bekend van de Vrijdagborrel en House/beachparty's bij het Zwartepad!

Greg van Bueren, DJ Eric E, Dj Roog, Miss Monica, Lucien Foort, and many many more! Clubs: Patronaat, Villa Thalia, Full moon(rdam)
DJ Kizzy,DJ Dansa, DJ LAURENZO, DJ Onno van Oosten, DJ Talapessy and many many more I forgot......

Evenses buro, Party's
Artistic Productions, Wedding part's
Timeless Events, Party's, Corporate Events10882165_10203487175679474_2253597953651098283_n
And you Productions, Frank Borrel, 010 Borrel

**Important thing is making music, Play and do from your heart, the most 
number one, whta i feel en do!
Improvisation with House music, many other style in tha House Music!

Together with many bands, different performances

W’Respect’m, Groove Quality, Colibri, Funky Crew, Bersama, Jago2(Massada Tribute), Groove Experience, Andromedance, That’soul and George Mc Crae, Fusion Vibes(Jazzrock-Fusion), Dutch Caribean GRoove Orcestra, Korsu Latinjazz, RealsoundsCoverband, Kiss the Groove, Band Koffie, Bourbon Avenue(CD release)

Theater produktie, Festivals, Recepties, Bruiloften, Diverse feestpartijen, Openingsacts,

Jimmy Belmartin, Zeth Mustamu, Neppy Noya, George Mc Crae, Shaka Mc Crae(son of George Mc Crae)

Latin: Michael Simon: music director/ composer/trompetta, Nils Fisher, Gerardo Rosales: percussie, Adriaan Correa, Steven Brezet, Marc Bishoff, Wilmer Rios:congas, vocalist/singer: Ben Suitela, Parece Picante, Maya Christina, Randal Winterdal(Bassplayer)

BoogieBall jamsession led by Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy | Official North Sea Jazz After party | 12.07.2014 | Part 1 | Bird, Rotterdam